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Learn Grashopper free coding app from Google for free.

Latest version-2.44.2 (when reviewed.)

Last updated on- 18 AUG 2020

Downloads- 1,000,000+


Offered By- Google LLC

Released on- 20 JUN 2017

grasshopper free coding

                 Learning coding is not an easy task. Always you have to face some difficulties in learning. There are many programming languages are available to learn but the fundamentals or the basics for all languages is same. So if you want to learn any programming language then you must have to learn the basic fundamental knowledge. And that’s why to overcome the problem of learning the fundamentals of the programming languages the IT company Google LLC comes with the solution named GRASSHOPPER. Grasshopper free coding is the application available for the android and the iPhone platforms. This application teaches you the fundamentals of the programming languages using Java Script.

                    Learn to code for free on your phone in as little as 5 minutes a day. This application is mainly for the beginners. So grasshopper is the best way to start your coding adventure with fun, quick games on your phone that teach you the write real JavaScript. Move through progressively challenging levels as you develop your abilities, then graduate with fundamentals programming skill for the next step as a coder.

                 There are so many features about grasshopper free coding application, so let’s discuss them all one by one.

                   Grasshopper developed by Google LLC from a Google workshop called Area 120, and it is a part of “Code with Google” program. The app teaches you the fundamentals of all programming languages using JavaScript for free. This application is especially made for those who do not have any basic knowledge in the field of programming. The app uses a fun way of learning using different levels and gives you the certificate for completing the course.

                   Since the application is available for the android iPhone and web application is also supported. So the most convenient way to learn is to learn from a web app, but since it is application review so we are here to talk about the applications which are available on the app stores. The applications are also pretty good to try.

                 The user interface for this application is very easy to handle since the app uses the fun way like puzzle and a road map on which you will have the puzzles, a coding playground, and it works like a ladder once you complete one step then you will reach to the next step. There are 7 chapters available in this app you just need to go on solving the road map one by one.

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                 There is very easy and fun way of teaching in this application. There is one ladder like concept is used you have to complete one step before you processed to the other, there is a function called code playground where you will do some code practice of those concepts that you have learned before. There is a practice section is also provided where you can practice some more examples of those concepts that you have learned.

                 Since the application is designed by the Google itself then you don’t have to take much care about your doubts you face because whenever you have one doubts you just simply post your doubts in the Support Forum section and all your doubts will be solved by the Google experts in less time, you will feel like it was just a live chat with the experts.

                  One most stand out feature about this application is it provides you one message section where you can check daily what is happening around the world. All the social media handles of the team grasshopper are also provided so that you can talk to them directly.

                No, this application is fully free of cost there is no in app purchases you just only need one Google account in your phone and an enthusiasm to learn to coding.

     There are so many benefits of using this app. Some of them are mentioned below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

NO, the grasshopper app is free of cost developed by the Google for beginners.

Grasshopper uses JavaScript as a primary language and teaches you all the coding fundamentals of the languages which are object oriented.

Simply the answer is NO, this app will only provide you the only basics of the coding fundamentals.

It is preferred that minimum 5 minutes of daily you have to spend on this app to learn the fundamentals easily and quickly.

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