Free windows antivirus Top 5 in 2020

                In today’s growing digital world we all are going in a virtual world where we do almost all of our work digitally (by PC,Laptops,Mobile phones,etc.).And for the protection of your devices from malware you need one software that is a free windows Antivirus

Antivirus is a type of software which is designed to protect your PC from viruses and to remove them from your PC. Initially if you have one windows PC then you might have heard about Windows Defender software which is Pre-installed in your PC.

                Windows Defender is a decent software provided by Microsoft, but the problem with windows defender is, it doesn’t do enough for security from internet and Microsoft rarely updates it. So to keep your PC safe you need one antivirus which provides you full protecton in all aspects.

But free can be risky :-

                  Sometimes softwares are free but again they don’t provides you complete protection for your PC, but I can assure you that the list of free softwares mentioned below are better than Windows Defender. If you want complete protection for your PC then you might think to get one paid product( if you can afford it.)

Here's a summary of best antivirus software for windows in 2020:

1. Kaspersky Security Cloud.
2.Bitdefender Antivirus Free.
3. Panda Free Antivirus.
4. Avira Free Antivirus.
5. Sophos Home Free.

How we rated the above free antivirus:

1.Strong malware protection.
2.Speed and efficiency.
3.High-quality features.
5.Good value.

free windows antivirus

                  Kaspersky Security Cloud isa free antivirus suite, it includes kaspersky cloud based malware scanning which caught 100% of the threads and threw it out of your PC. Most impressive thing is that you are getting this software free but you also get a look of premium version for 30 days afer that you may continue for free or if you like then you can go for premium version.

Best features about this software :-

1.Select your personal or family edition.
2.Get a cloud based cloud scanner.
3.Secure unlimited passwords.
4.Try their privacy tools.
5.Parental control for family edition only.

free windows antivirus

                 Bitdefender Antivirus free is a great choice for user looking for an antivirus scanner. Bitdefender is designed to run in background with only essential notifications and we assure you that it won’t slow down your PC. You can get the premium version at a big discounted price. The anti-phishing and fraud protection features are also good as well.

Best features about this software :-

  1. On-demand and real-time protection against all types of malware.
  2. Web protection, including protection against phishing, fraud, and spam.
  3. Anti-theft tools.
  4. Tune-up tools.
  5. VPN.
  6. Parental controls.
  7. Password manager.
free windows antivirus

            Panda antivirus is free and it gives you a complete protection to your PC. It is an low size full secure,easy to use. Everything you need is laid out on the dashboard and intuituve way. It’s great foe new users, you just open it and let run itself all scans. It gives 100% protection to all of your devices for free.

Some features that makes it our favourite antivirus :

Antivirus Protection

         Real-time protection against all types of malware and spyware. Schedule periodic scans and/or scan your computer on demand.

USB Protection

        Protect your PC by preventing the automatic execution of malware from USB drives. Scan all USB drives upon insertion.

Panda rescue kit

         Free PC recovery system. Run an advanced scan of your PC or create a rescue USB drive to boot and clean those infected computers that won’t even start.

Multimedia/Game mode

          This mode ensures you play or watch multimedia content without disturbance from your antivirus while remaining completely secure.


                    It is one of the best most powerfull cloud based scanning engine in the world. It runs so efficiently even older windows PC’s can run. It does not impact the performance of the system.
TIP:If you are using a older verson of windows then you should definetely check this software. This will be great for us.

Some features about this antivirus:

1.Great virus scanner.
2.Browser safety.
3.Save password safety.
4.VPN security.
5.Fresh software updates regularly.
6.Startup optimiser/privacy settings.


            It is a free antivirus package that not only offers good protection,it also allows families to protect their households for free. This software you might have heard for first time but trust us you like it when you use it.

Some features that you like it:

Predictive Artificial Intelligence (AI) Threat Detection

              Identifies and blocks never-before-seen malware – including deep learning capabilities

Real-Time Antivirus

              Protects against known computer viruses, malware, Trojans, worms, bots, potentially unwanted apps (PUAs), ransomware, and more.

Parental Website Filtering

              Allows you to control the content your children can view online.

Web Protection

               Leverages the vast SophosLabs blacklist database to block compromised or dangerous websites.

Remote Management

                Secures multiple PCs and Macs in any location from a simple web interface.

Editor's Choice :-

                   Our personal favourite is PANDA ANTIVIRUS. It provides you great free protection with simple user interface and it’s lightweight design.

TIP:- Again if safety is most important for you then you can check out some premium  antivirus which gives you full protection to all your PC’s.


Windows Defender is a free software which can fulfil your basic needs only, and if you want a complete protection for your PC then you have to think about the free and paid antivirus according your needs.

Off course windows will not deny you to install any antivirus, and we also recommend PANDA FREE ANTIVIRUS which gives you a complete protection for your PC’s.

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